Shits getting HEAVY on EP number two.

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Decided to learn Silence by Decapitated. Lovely clean solo piece, great excuse to get out the fretking JD! #guitar #decapitated #cover

EP progress whiteboard update.. Just need proper bass and a few more songs of vocals! Getting close now 😝

YES! Rig just got a major upgrade, Cheers Tom! #guitarporn

Got to track some stuff for the EP on my Fret King JD earlier. It’s usually the first guitar I pick up for noodling, sounds lovely. Glad I managed to find a good spot to use it! #guitar #guitarporn #recording

I’ve acquired a whiteboard.. I guess that means this EP is ACTUALLY happening! Woooo!! #EPtings #hype #WhiteboardPorn

Doing some reamps for the EP tonight! Not just demos, the ACTUAL EP!!! Exciting times

WARNING: This note may temporarily disfigure you. (Or in my case, permanently) #toolow #ibanez #8string

FUCK this riff. God knows what the fuck inspired me to write this piece of shit. #BadTake #ibanez #8string